Monday, January 16, 2012


Yay! I couldn't tell you before, but the big project (for me) that I was working on last week was Tif's blog. She wanted some new sidebar buttons and I delivered! We had a lot of fun working together and the results are there to show it...

Looking forward to a whole new batch of postings and makings by Dottie Angel!  {smile}

Here is one of my favorites, but of course they are all favorites...


  1. LOL~~I saw that on Tif's blog earlier and said to myself, "I know Marjan!!!" It's a small blogging world :~)

    You are very good at bloggy things, Marjan! Do you have any tutorials? I want to make some changes in my blog, but I'm overwhelmed by all the info out there!

    1. No tutorials here, it is all self-taught, but I would love to help you out if I can. Let me know what you're thinking of and then email me...

  2. CR that is fabulous! congratulations!!

    1. Thanks meg! :-)

      By the way, what is going on with you guys? It is so quiet on the blog... back home again?

  3. Sååå fint! Duktig du är.

    Kram Lisa

  4. Wow! They are amazing! Clever you and so creative. Oh I wish I could get a wriggle on with my Photoshop studies. My 2yo will not go to sleep until so late at the moment that I get no time. Humph!

    Great work xx Sam xx


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