Monday, January 16, 2012

Painted Table Project...

A few weeks ago I came across a tutorial about painting over veneer starting with a good primer (Zinsser Bulls eye primer/ sealer) and it had astonishing results. My thoughts immediately went to our hideous (and cheap) blonde oak veneer bedside tables. I painted those last week and I was so pleasantly surprised with the result that my eyes immediately started wandering around the house to what else I could paint next! <wink>

Que the trusty old Ikea Norden table. We've had it for almost 12 years and is still an awesome table but looking a bit tired to say the least. Yesterday, while the snow was falling in huge flakes, I primed the table twice and then added two coats of Vermont Cream (Behr), an off-white. 

I love it! Have a look...

Of course you have already spotted the next project: the chairs. I have run out of paint and it looks like we will be stuck at home for the next few days because of the threat of two (!) more snow storms so I guess that will have to wait a bit.

Oh well, more time to fiddle with my Photoshop classes and a bit later on I will be venturing outside with my camera to take more beautiful snow shots: Yay!  {smile}


  1. Marvellous work! The table looks fantastic!
    Kram, Monica

  2. Very nice ! I have the same table and I would like to paint it. Your photos encourage me!

    1. Bonjour Menthe! I used a small foam roller which gave all the paintwork a really nice finish. Good cleaning of the table before you start of course. Good luck! :-)

  3. Oh, wat is hij prachtig geworden!! Het resultaat mag er zijn! Ik snap dat je lekker verder wil gaan! Sterkte met de sneeuwstormen!


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