Friday, January 27, 2012


Finally, some Spring Time Feelings!

I made a ton more photos today (mainly of this beautiful flower), but those will have to wait until later. All this editing takes a lot of time and right now the sun is still shining!

Now it is time for a hot glass of Glogg, it is still winter after all...

Happy Weekend everyone!  {smile}


  1. These turned out beautifully, Marjan!

    1. Thanks Elaine! I was pretty happy about them as well! :-)

  2. Je zou er zo een kaart van kunnen maken!

  3. Hee, dat dacht ik ook net! Kan ik er een bestellen? Geniet van de zon en de Glogg!

  4. Wat mooi!
    Je zou er ansichtkaarten van kunnen maken.
    Ha,ha, zie nu dat Pike hetzelfde dacht ;)
    Ha,ha, nu zie ik ook nog dat Lupineke ook hetzelfde dacht.
    Nu moet je dat zelf toch ook wel denken!!!
    Met zo'n kaartje zou ik super blij zijn ;)
    Fijn weekend, kram

  5. Beautiful gerbera,love how you have edited them. I'm going to your old homeland (Holland) in April to see the gorgeous tulip fields.

  6. Oh, what beautiful happy photos! I think we could all use a little flowery spring thought! and Glogg is nice too!

  7. I love your pretty pictures, they are like ones you see in the shops to buy. I had a go at Kim Klassen's course and learnt some new tricks too. As for my latest little play around on Photoshop I just random googled how to do cinemagraphs in CS3 and had a go.
    Have you tried the animation setting in Photoshop yet?


  8. What beautiful pictures you can make! Very nice and I love the colours.
    We've had sunshine today! Yippie!
    Some glogg is fine.


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