Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Snowy Days Part Trois...

Mr. G. and I took a long walk through the forest and along the river: it was just glorious!  At least 7 inches had fallen so it was quite the work-out!

Please follow along on our stroll along the Tolt River....


  1. Absolutely beautiful pictures!
    The one with the horse looks like an old-fashioned christmas-card!
    What a fantastic neighborhood you live in!
    Kram, Monica

  2. What a lovely snowwalk, love the pictures!

    Snowhug Eva-Mari

  3. I love these photos. How lucky you are. I've been squirreled away for a few days doing a web design assignment so just catching up.

    Yeah for my blog header I used the blue glitter from PP ;) & I got the birdy from the Graphics Fairy. I had tried the 'reply' process a few times in Blogger but still no luck. I think it may be because I've chopped into the html a few times so I await another solution from Blogger hopefully....


  4. Those pictures are so beautiful! I hope you're staying warm! It's back to work for me today :(

  5. Underbara bilder. Älskar den med gubben och hästen. :)
    Kram Karoline, Cino & Alf


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