Tuesday, January 24, 2012


I'm feeling a little bit 'blue' today so I give you a blue-toned picture. No particular reason for feeling blue, these things just happen. Last week was full of (mostly) fun excitement, but this week I'm realizing that we're still in January...

I've been fiddling a bit in Photoshop, I'm working on actually sewing a muslin (= a try-out version out of cheap cotton) of a dress first before I cut into the actual fabric, I've done and put away some laundry etc. Nothing bad, just nothing inspired. I'm lacking Oempf so to say...

I will be back once I've found some more Oempf ok?  Let me know if you find any in the mean time...  <wink>


  1. I'm sorry you've mislaid your oomph, Marjan :~( I never have very much :~) Does the cold and gray weather affect you as much as it does me? I hope you feel better soon ❤

    1. Awfully grey here, just like at your end I suppose. My horse classes (where I volunteer) were cancelled so that didn't help either. Oh well, tomorrow is another day... ;-)

  2. Haa, ook hier geen oempf vandaag, het is zelfs pyjamadag hier! Geeft niks, lekker blauw is ook prima! Gaat vanzelf weer over!

  3. I WAS BLUE all last week...were almost to Feb.....can't wait!

  4. Often just Tuesdays seem to be the blue day of the week, I don't know why, but it has been blue here all day and still is.....a little boring. We still have snow and it is a little cold outside and icy.

  5. I know how you feel - roll on springtime xx

  6. I hope that you soon will find some Oemph!
    I agree with Snäckskalsdalen about Tuesdays, I think that it depends on that you have forgotten about the last weekend and the weekend to come is too far away? Tomorrow you will feel better!
    Kram, Monica

  7. No oomph here I'm afraid. The persistent rain, one hour traffic snarled school drop off and endless laundry have put me in a fragile funk too. That bit of jolly pale blue is a sweetener to the day!


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