Tuesday, January 3, 2012

First Sewing in 2012...

As soon as the kids and husband left the house yesterday morning (well, a bit later than that since I slept in for the first time since the vacation actually began!) I decided that some sewing was called for.  I made 4 different pillow cases for the tv-room yesterday and a nice padded case for my new Kindle Touch this morning. (Thank You Santa!)

After that I wanted to try out some new Photoshop skills (working with Textures) so I will show you the before and after photos. Here we go...

I already don't remember which Textures I used for what photo but they all came from Kim Klassen, the lady where my sister and I will be taking some on-line Photoshop/ Photography classes starting next week.  I obviously have some more studying to do on it all but it was already fun to play around with some of the possibilities...

PS Whatever I am trying, I can just not get this last paragraph aligned with the rest: Blogger!  {not-smile}


  1. Love that fabric.....today was my first day in 2 weeks, I'm finally in the house all alone such peace!!!

  2. I love the Kindle case, and it's interesting to see what you can do in Photoshop. I can imagine endless hours of playing!

  3. I love your photoshop cleverness. Sometimes it's all I can do to get a turn at the computer. The Kindle case is a great idea. That could be the must have present for next Christmas. Was the Kindle from Santa?

  4. Nice fabric! And it is fun playing around in the Photoshop djungle!
    And I did wear the gloves yesterday and they were very nice!

  5. Wat een prachtig hoesje, jij kan echt goed naaien!! Ik heb de foto's van het kasteel bewerkt met Picasa, supersimpel! Op de nieuwe versie staan weer wat meer mogelijkheden die je aan kunt klikken: een kind kan de was doen! Ik hoop ook nog een keer met Photoshop aan de slag te gaan, maar... dat kan nog wel even duren ;)

  6. I admire your sill with the sewing machine! And with your photo editing!
    I'm looking forward to see what you will do after learning even more about photographing...
    Kram, Monica

  7. cute case!
    I daren't even start on photoshop...just know I would lose so many hours of my life to a new addiction.
    Currently procrastinating getting back to work - thinking I might need to wait til Monday!
    fee x

  8. Hi, I just wanted to thank u for all the nice comments u left me during 2011! This year I'll be better in answering them, I promise!

    You have seen that we moved to a new website? www.hialosasigrid.se
    I know u lived in Sweden for a while bur now I've put in google translate that can help u and others on the way with the language of the vikings in the north ;)

    With Love


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