Saturday, January 14, 2012

Snowy Impressions...

This little fellow had struck the window, but was able to fly away after a while...

The fog came in...


  1. At last - I can comment in your blog!!! I have tried for several days without succeding!

    So, you have got snow now! We haven't yet, here in the south, but almost everywhere else i Sweden, there is snow.
    But today we have a few degrees under zero (Celsius), so who knows...
    Have a nice sunday!
    Kram, Monica

    1. Hi there Monica, I don't know what's going on with Blogger these days. My posts keep on not appearing in other people's lists and apparently you couldn't comment: Bah! I was already wondering why it was so quiet around here?! ;-)
      Anyway, you can always contact me by email, you can find a direct link in the side bar...

  2. Oh how I love your darling! We just got snow here too for the first time this all the coziness that snow brings. Love your darling to take a closer peek. Happy day to you.

    1. Happy day to you too Koralee! it's my son's birthdya today so I know it will be a good one for us! :-)

  3. Mooi, die sneeuwfoto's!!! Hier eindelijk eens een nachtvorstje, al was het 's morgens vroeg al weer boven nul... helaas :( Gelukkig voorzie jij ons met prachtige sneeuw, dan kunnen we heerlijk meegenieten!


How wonderful to hear from you!

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