Thursday, December 1, 2011

W N L I P ...

= Works No Longer In Progress...

Thought I'd share these with you. The first one is the heart shaped pillow I made for my sister:
Oops, I forgot to add the reigns to the reindeer!
Don't worry, I discovered it just in time...

(As you can see I have been playing around with those Washi Tape Strips again)

And the second project was a little 'Thank You' gift for my aunt who, once again, hosted a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner last weekend!

I am now working on another small embroidery project but cannot show you that one until I have given it to its recipient, which won't be until after X-mas...


  1. I can't understand how you can find the time to do so much sewing...
    Kram, Monica

  2. They are both so beautiful! Well done!

  3. Wat een geweldige borduurtjes, heel erg schattig en mooi gemaakt!

  4. Works in Progress reminds me of all the Accounting Theories that I've been dealing with in my life......but yours are better up. Love the embroderies.

  5. Yepp:


How wonderful to hear from you!

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