Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A Good Day...

Today was a good day!

First I finally figured out a Photoshop tutorial (again via Pugly Pixel) that I had been working on forever: the making of Washi Tape Strips.
Here are some of the ones I made:

Again, the possibilities are endless. Here is just a simple example...

Cute right?

Anyway, after all the tinkering at the computer I went over  to see my friend Tif for a cuppa and some chatting. She showed me some of the things she has lined up for this month (can't say anything other than Fabulous!) and she got  me all inspired again.

After that I had to race over to school to pick up Miss M. for her final orthodontist appointment (yes!) and then raced her back to school for her Basket Ball practise. Her ankle still isn't strong enough to participate in an actual game but it is on the mend. Slow and steady and all that...

On the way home with Master C. in the car, we were treated to once again gorgeous views of the valley...

All these pics were taken around 4:15pm and after that it got dark real fast. All the neighbors' (and our own) x-mas lights are on inside and out and life is good!  {smile}

PS: The parcel for my sister at Pike Street apparently arrived today: go check out her pictures!


  1. Wauw wat een prachtige foto's weer!

  2. Oh, die foto's, zo vreselijk mooi.... om bij weg te dromen! Hier harde wind en regen, sombere dag zo te zien. En we wilden nog wel een wandeltocht gaan maken...!

  3. Amazing photos, what a beautiful place you live in. I love Pugly Pixel too ;)

    Sam x

  4. Your valley looks beautiful in all kinds of weather!
    Kram, Monica

  5. Oh, that valley is sublime. We have rain finally and it is cool and not so starkly in contrast with your wintery wonderland- for today. You are one clever minx with all your groovy computer gizmos!


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