Monday, November 7, 2011

Beavering Away...

Today I went to the big patterns sale at Joann's (=  huge fabric/ craft store) and I scored:
5 patterns for $5!  (so $1 dollar each...)
Normally these patterns retail for $18 dollars EACH, can you believe it???

I did my homework beforehand and wrote down all the possible pattern numbers I was interested in et voila, 6 patterns later I am a happy woman!   <wink>  So I bought three Lisette patterns since they are so much fun. I made one of their dresses in the Spring and it fit me very nicely. (that orange and pink one)

I've already cut out all the pieces to the pants and the tunic-dress of #2245 and now the fun part begins where I have to decide which fabrics to use. (I have quite a few to choose from) The pants will be the same grey chambray fabric that they have used since I happened to have bought a piece earlier this year but never used it...
Here are some variations on the pattern that I found on the net,
just to give you a better idea of the pocket detail on the front etc...
 And then I also bought these patterns:

The shirt-dress/ tunic on the left is very adaptable and I thought the little skirt on the right was just fun, especially with the pocket detail in the front. And of course the dress with the vintage vibe in the middle: Yay!

After a weekend of gorgeous sunshine it is now super dreary and wet outside: perfect sewing weather!


  1. I want one in every color and pattern soooooo cute, with fun tight and boots or jeans...i could go on and on!

  2. Wat een leuke patronen, en ook leuk dat je zo lekker bezig bent met kleding maken! Bij mij is het al weer jaren geleden, op de een of andere manier weet ik niet goed welke patronen momenteel bij me passen...lastig!

  3. Lurve the dress/tunic...look lovely with a pair of nice winter boots & wooly tights!
    What a buy! $5?!

  4. Can't wait to see the results. My sewing mojo is sadly depressed and needs inspiration. The tunics are particularly snappy!

  5. I so admire your sewing skill!
    Good luck with your new dresses!
    Kram, Monica


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