Saturday, November 5, 2011

Fun Little Makings...

Yesterday, as I was cleaning up my crafting area, I came across the Tomte doll I was going to make for the neighbors. (not! way too much fiddly work...)
It was almost finished anyway so I thought I might as well finish it all the way:

Those spindly legs make me laugh every time I see them!
Tomten Doll
The neck area wasn't sturdy enough to keep the head up so you really only can have him/ her hanging from a peg, but that's ok. I added two little bells and a warm scarf. (recognize that fabric from my latest tartan skirt?)

- * - * - * - * _ * _

I also came across those lace curtains I bought a while back. I originally had them hanging in the front room but I really disliked the fact that I couldn't see outside properly!  <spying on the neighbors, wink>

So, I cut them in two and hung them in the tv room area in the back of the house. They were missing just a couple of inches in width to close all the way so I added some vintage sheet parts (the same sheets that I also used for the quilt in that room) to either side to make them look all snug and cosy. Me likey!  {smile}

These two top photos have an antique effect to them...

That was about it for today. I'm waiting for the patterns sale at Joann's to start tomorrow so that I can sew something new from my every growing fabric stack!

PS: How do you like my new cursor??? I found it at Free Cursors 4U. Simply copy their code and add it to a HTML/ Java gadget on your design page. Super easy!

I was actually looking for one of those trailing cursors (you know, the ones that leave a trail once you move your cursor around your page) but I couldn't figure out where exactly in the code I had to put it! Oh well, this rosy rose is very pretty as well. I'll probably have a X-mas themed cursor after Thanksgiving...


  1. Leuk! Hoe kom je aan het randje rond je eerste Tomten Collage?

  2. The "Tomte" with his spindly legs is SO cute!
    Thank you for your kind comment on my sunset-pictures!
    Kram, Monica

  3. I absolutely love that curtain fabric - just lovely!

    Jem xXx

  4. I'm loving that tomte's soggy kittle nose! LAst year I crocheted every body's presents. Is it really time to start all that again?


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