Thursday, November 17, 2011

I'm Back!

You guys probably didn't realise but I was without the Internet for a whole day yesterday!!! Not a good situation I can tell ya. I kept on circling the computer and restarting it etc. but nothing happened.

The only good thing that happened because of it, is that I was able to finally sew my sister's Tomte. Here is a sneak peak in some different effects that I found on Photoscape...

Click to enlarge!
Tomte and your other gift will be in the mail shortly Sis!

In other news: Miss M. is home with the stomach flu (= buik griep in Dutch). What a week she's having... At least the worst part is now over and she is comfy on the couch watching Phinneas & Ferb with some tea within reach and a 'Beschuitje'. (= a Dutch rusk)
Her ankle is healing and she is able to walk on it very carefully but definitely no Basketball at the moment...

After 24 hours of no Internet I now have a lot of blogs to catch up on: Cheerio!


  1. ziet er schattig uit!! Beterschap aan Miss M!
    Na dit weekend ga ik je ook een pakje sturen!!!

  2. Wat is ie leuk!
    Beterschap voor Miss M.

  3. buik griep???
    sounds like that might be a perfect description in any language!
    And HOW have you fixed it that my cursor is a little rose???? HOWWWWW?
    fee x
    Quit raising the bar!

  4. Lief, je Tomte! Jouw sis boft!! Beterschap voor je dochter, gelukkig helpen beschuitjes altijd!

  5. You notice how dependent you are to your computer when such things happen...
    Your Tomte is so cute, your sister is so lucky to get it!
    I really pity your daughter, but she seems comfortable anyway!
    Kram, Monica

  6. I am sad to say I could sing the Phineas & Ferb theme tune.
    Hope her foot is back in action soon, but rest really is the best healer

  7. Your tomte is truly a quirky and delightful character! Well done. So you're doing them for the whole street now?


How wonderful to hear from you!

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