Friday, November 11, 2011

Along The Cow Road In November...

After I took all those colorful pictures in the yard yesterday, I decided it was time for some leaf raking. It was so mild and sunny and Olive kept me company...

Old & Grey but still as sweet as chocolate...

What's that I'm sniffin'?
Then I had to pick up Miss M. from school and decided to take a little 'road trip' through The Valley, along the CowRoad as we call it...


I had to sigh as I was uploading and editing these pictures!  {smile}

So today is Veterans' Day here in the States and most people are off of work, including Mr. G. He is washing all his beer bottles in the dishwasher because today is Beer Bottling Day for him!
Little Bit is open however so I will be braving the wind and the rain that is soon to arrive with the cold front...


  1. WOW, if I showed these pics to my hubby he would be packing us up and moving us over there is so beautiful,oh and what is this fab rose curser I spy you clever thing :)
    have a lovely weekend
    x x x x x x x x

  2. Wow, wat een prachtige omgeving, zelfs roodgeverfde huizen!
    Poppy day noemen we het hier ook.

  3. Oh, ook ik zucht, jeetje, wat is het daar mooi bij jullie! Ik ben nog nooit in the States geweest, weet ook niet of het er ooit van zal komen, maar zou meteen het vliegtuig wel willen pakken (en dat voor iemand met vliegangst ;) Prachtig Marjan, dank je voor het delen! Lieve groet!

  4. What a beautiful place! It could have been Norway :)

  5. What a beautiful neighborhood you have!
    I love your pictures!
    And I am also doing some leaf raking here!
    Kram, Monica

  6. i missed these pictures but jane told me to take a look! I think she wants to move over and would like me to come too! (tempting!!)
    fee x


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