Sunday, November 20, 2011

Getting Comfy & Cosy ...

All the Dutch people amongst you should be able to recognize this: home-made Taai-Taai from a local Dutch bakery!  Mmmm, so yummy and it sticks so badly to the teeth but Mmmm, so yummy!   {smile} (stale gingerbread is the closest thing I can compare it to...)

Yes, it is that time of year again: time for Sinterklaas! That is  when we receive all our gifts in The Netherlands, on December 5th. Over the years I've adjusted all the traditions more to my liking (no poems and no 'surprises' mainly) and we only put our shoe in front of the fireplace (with a carrot and some hay for his horse) for a couple of nights.

(Check out Lupineke's blog for her collection of really nice vintage Sinterklaas postcards...)

I do have the kids sing along with me. They don't really remember the words but do know the tunes. They also know that if they don't sing, then there will be no presents the next morning!  <wink>

We also celebrate Christmas with presents so that is why we keep the Sinterklaas celebration relatively small. But, I always order the special candies (chocolate letters, taai-taai and 'schuimpjes') from a Dutch shop in Michigan, to keep the Dutch tradition going.

In my new header you see my sister and myself (in the picture on the right, I am the taller girl) celebrating Sinterklaas when we were about 2 and 4. If I remember correctly then I received a play-set of plastic cups and saucers etc...

And yes, that's me in the blue coat and the red pants on the sleigh in the snow! Aren't those pictures the cutest???  {smile}

-  *  -  *  -  *  -  *  -

And look, I finally finished my Pip Project and about time too! I think I started it in the Spring sometime...

-  *  -  *  -  *  -  *  -

On our way to the shops this morning we saw both Bald Eagles out! I had my camera with me for precisely just that occasion and was able to take a few pictures. First you will see their nest and the picture after that shows both birds in different trees. Look closely!

I was able to take some close-ups of the first bird. Pretty cool right?  {smile}

Wow! And the landscape over there (just a couple of minutes from our house, just outside of town) looked like this....

This will be the last dry day for at least the next 7 days since they are expecting mayor amounts of rain this week. There is even the chance of flooding! (we live in a valley between two rivers...)

So,  a half school day this Wednesday and Thanksgiving on Thursday. Our dinner won't take place until Saturday though. We will be celebrating with my Dutch aunt and uncle in Edmonds, about an hour northwest from here. They always have the fireplace on and lots of wonderful foods and drinks will be served: Gezellig!  {smile}


  1. You make me feel all festive even though it is sweltering here at 9.30 in at the morning! What interesting cloud formations and the eagle is too cool for school!

  2. Thanks Annie! I'm glad to hear I'm keeping you cool! ;-)

  3. Is the Pip project a cross stitch embroidery? Anyway, it looks fantastic. And so does the eagle, magnificient!
    Agneta kram

  4. So you celebrate Christmas twice, both the 5th and 25th of december?
    The pictures of the eagles are just wonderful!
    How fortunate that you had your camera ready!
    Kram, Monica


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