Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Weekend Round-Up On A Tuesday...

Man, has it been this long since I wrote to you last? That doesn't happen very often. Indeed, somebody commented recently that she had a hard time keeping up with all my postings!  <wink>

So, where to start? Saturday morning I was up nice and early since Miss M. had a big volunteering gig at a centre for children with autism. We first had to pick up a friend who also came along and then I would drop them off at yet another friend whose parents were going to drive them to the centre. Anyway, the first friend's house lies a little bit higher on a hill and they have the most amazing views over both the Valley and the Cascades Mountain Range. Just look at this:

That was the first snowfall of the season (in the mountains that is, not at our place) and since then a lot more has fallen.

Anyway, after I dropped of the girls I had several hours before I had to pick up Master C. from a sleep-over so I decided to go and visit Value Village. (the thrift store) I got there at 9:10 and it was so nice and quiet and so easy to park, just wonderful. I scored big time so that was an added bonus...

1. Small plate made by 'Arabia' from Finland. I love the reindeer and the sleigh scene...
2. Two banged up Dala horses, about 10 inches tall.
3. A cool vintage storage box. I added the horse so that you can see how big it is.
It measures W 15 x H 10 1/2 x D 8 inches.
4. A wintery stoneware dish.
5. An unopened Ikea X-Mas decoration that goes extremely well with
all the other decorations I have from that same store...
6. A dark-teal knitted cardigan that is soooo comfy...
So yes, that was a most successful shopping trip!  {smile}

That afternoon I still had some more energy and decided to build myself a photo- light box out of poster board. (I found the tutorial here) It didn't quite go as planned but the end result  was not bad at all. The nice thing is that you can just collapse and store it when not in use...

So that was it for now. Rests me to tell you that the last two days I have been working hard on learning some more Photoshop techniques and designing another new header and tags etc. for the December month. I will probably post them right after Thanksgiving when, in my mind, it is just all right to start with all the X-mas decorations, trees etc. (Ha!) Here in the States we don't have to wait until we have celebrated 'Sinterklaas' on December 5th for all the lights the come out and the X-mas music to start playing...

Vi ses!

PS Miss M. came home on crutches yesterday after she had rolled her ankle during the first Basketball practise of the season. That was eerily close to the date two years ago (at Thanksgiving) when I missed the last step of the stairs and actually broke my ankle. Hopefully hers will heal a lot faster....


  1. Wow,wat een super geslaagde shoppingtrip! Dat bordje van Arabia: jaloers en dalapaardjes nou ja het is allemaal leuk! Die lightbox is ook super!
    Goed bezig!

  2. Heerlijk dat je zo leuk geslaagd bent, ik zou daar ook heel graag eens willen rondsnuffelen! Sterkte met je dochters enkel!

  3. I love popping over here, everytime something is different...I love the winter wooly backgound and now I have another reason to move over there...Value Village here I come :) x x x x x x x

  4. What a view from your daughters friends house! Spectacular for me, who lives in a very flat surrounding!
    And what a fine bargain you found in the store!
    Kram, Monica

  5. First love you scenery I wish I was there and then your shopping trip was a huge success those little Dala horses....so cute!

  6. Wishing Miss M a speedy recovery!


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