Thursday, November 10, 2011

I Am Pants At Sewing Pants!

(a British expression for being very bad at something...)

The blue markings show where things went wrong.
The flesh colored markings show where my body fit in the pants.
Nuff said...
Uhmmm yes, something went very wrong with these pants. I somehow added the yoke (the upper part of the pants) upside down and this created the outgoing-effect instead of the body-hugging-effect. I actually had to laugh out loud when I put the pants on!  <wink>
The zipper is already in (on the side) so it would be waaaay too much work to undo it all. To the scrap pile it goes!

Not to worry, I knew before going in to this project that the chances of failure were very large (pants never fit right when you sew them yourself, except for pj-pants...). I did have fun working on it though and the fabric was quite nice. Maybe I can use some of it as accent pieces in future projects. And future sewing projects I have plenty of! (see previous post)

The weather is absolutely gorgeous today, but tomorrow a big cold front will be moving in so I am heading outdoors while I can. Cheerio!


  1. OOh, wat jammer van je werk, maar gelukkig is je figuur niet dusdanig dat-ie past...!

  2. Haha, daar moest ik erg om lachen Stefanie! :-)

  3. Sorry, but you succeed almost alwaya in your sewing, so it had to go wrong sometimes!
    Kram, Monica

  4. You are absolutely right Monica, that's why I am not too sad about this fiasco... ;-)


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