Saturday, December 24, 2011

Road Trippin'....

Boy, were we lucky the last couple of days or what? On Thursday we had the bright blue skies as we were touring the Boeing plant and surroundings, and yesterday, on our 'road trip', the sun came out just as we drove into Poulsbo.
Today, it is pouring...

Mr. G. and I had a lovely time on our road trip, which was without the kids! (yahoo!)  <wink> Originally we had thought to catch the 9.30am ferry in Seattle but when we got up I just didn't think we would manage that. So we decided on taking the ferry an hour later and that worked out just fine. Pretty cold on deck but we had some fabulous views of Seattle and the Puget Sound...

From Bainbridge to Poulsbo was only a 25 minutes drive or so, so we got there just before noon. Off we went on an exploratory walk and the first thing we found was a thrift shop where I bought some lovely dark grey with pink roses flannel pajama pants for $2! Score!

Since it was around lunch time we stopped by a Dutch sounding bakery (named 'Sluys', see picture above) where we got some raspberry scones. Mr. G. kept on pressing me about visiting this tiny grocery store which was supposed to be fun to visit. Well, it certainly was!!!

As we approached the front door the smiling face of Queen Beatrix greeted me (= present Dutch queen) and inside they had the largest selection of Dutch, German and Scandinavian food I have ever seen outside of their respective countries!!! Score again! We came out with three full grocery  bags filled to the rim with Bokkepootjes, Mokkastaafjes, dropjes, kaneelstokken, kano's, beschuit, oliebollen mix, appeltaart mix, vlokken en Rolmops! Yes, I had a Rolmops (pickled raw herring with a pickle inside) for lunch, outside at the edge of the harbor in the sunshine: it was glorious! {smile}

Mr. G.!
(and me with my Rolmops and my Dr. Martens)

Mr. G. had obviously done his homework and knew about this place but didn't tell me a thing and surprised me big time!

After all that excitement we walked around town some more and visited lots of little shops and another Antique Market (= second hand stuff) where I bought some fun little pieces of ribbon, bias tape and some vintage buttons. We walked around the harbor side a bit more where we were greeted by the luscious sunshine:

On our way out of Poulsbo we stopped for a beer called 'Entendez Noel (11,4 % alcohol!) at the local Sound Micro Brewery (yum!) and we brought home a growler (a half gallon (2 liter) bottle) of  'Monk's Indiscretion' beer ('only' 11%) ...

I found this clearly Dutch connection here on their wall...

What a day right?  {smile} We did miss the ferry in Kingston on our way home but that gave me the chance to take these pictures...

With Mount Rainier in the distance which I didn't see until I started editing the pictures...


  1. Dat ziet er weer super uit, en die G weet je toch weer te verrassen!

  2. Haha, wat was je er alweer snel bij Miss Pike! ;-)
    Ja, het was een fijne dag! :-)

  3. Another gordious day in the sunshine!
    Kram, Monica

  4. I'm glad you had such a wonderful day (filled with wonderful treats!). Beautiful pictures!


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