Thursday, December 8, 2011

Tack Ska Du Ha!

Your parcel arrived in the mail today Agneta: Thank you so much!!!

Agneta had written in her blog how much she likes to eat 'Jansson's Frestelse' for Christmas and I had told her I had actually never eaten it before, while we lived in Sweden. So she not only sent me the recipe  but also added an extremely cute (and I'm sure tasty) can of anchovies!

I can't wait to make the actual recipe!  {smile} Onions, Potatoes and Cream (and Anchovies of course): what is not to like?
(Master C. wrinkled up his nose when he saw the anchovies so he is not going to get any, Ha!)  <wink>

We're off tonight to see said Master C. perform in the school's Jazz Band for their Christmas Concert. Should be fun! I love that part of the American education system: band in school!

I'll leave you with two cozy pictures. I love adding those 'lens-flare' effects to the pictures so I give you one with and one without....

And as you can see outside in the background: absolutely no snow whatsoever! It's very cold here (well, just above freezing) but so so dry. Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining about it being so dry but I LOVE SNOW!!!!


  1. Oh, laat je ons weten, hoe het recept smaakte? Ik ben heel benieuwd! Veel plezier met de band van je zoon!

  2. It's so cozy in your house! Live the pictures. I'm glad to hear the parcel arrived safely! Enjoy!

  3. It is so typical Aggie, she is the most generous person I know! She has sent me parcels several times!
    So, enjoy your Janssons, it is really delicious!
    Kram, Monica

  4. Your fake snowflakes are almost as pretty as the real thing anyway! What is that recipe? It sounds tasty and did it really say Abba on the anchovy tin?


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