Sunday, December 11, 2011

X-Mas Pretties...

I had so many plans to make things for our neighbors for X-Mas but then the Tomte doll didn't work out and all inspiration went down the drain...
Once I had decided to maybe not make anything for our neighbors and co-volunteers however, inspiration hit me!

First I made these Snow Ball votive holders...

I bought $1 glass votive holders at Michaels, a can of spray glue and two bags of artificial snow. (1 bag would have been more than plenty) Spray the votive holder on the outside with the glue, roll it in the artificial snow, press around a bit, et voila! 

(Tip: wear a glove on your left hand holding the glass votive jar. I got covered in both glue and glitter...  <wink>)

And then I made 'a ton' of fleece Wrist Warmers this afternoon...

What do you think?

I've already made 6 pairs and can easily make a whole bunch more. Now I have personal gifts for very little money and a moderate amount of effort!  {smile}

PS: The Photo Templates were freebies from Paint The Moon and the Snow Ball Votive Holder idea came from Just Another Hang Up.


  1. Leuke ideeën, en goed gelukt! Wat een schattig borduurtje trouwens onder die polswarmers, dat zou ik ook wel willen borduren..!

  2. So lovely and personal gifts! Your neighbors will be overwhelmed!
    Kram, Monica

  3. Those are fantastic gifts! You rock!

  4. I love our votive candle hovers. MaybeI need a set of them along the front path!

  5. Or even 'your votive candle holders' which could 'hover' if I made a little string holder and hung them from trees..?

  6. You've made beutiful gifts! You're so smart and have so many ideas all the time!
    Aggie kramar

  7. Forget to tell you that I loved your pics of the moon!

  8. :-O I simply love your wrist warmers!! Thanks for the idea.


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