Thursday, December 22, 2011


We just returned from a really fun and interesting tour at the Boeing plant in Everett. (just North of Seattle) Unfortunately I wasn't allowed to take pictures during the tour but afterwards I could shoot some from a distance. The weather was the most glorious ever!

The pictures above were taken in the inside gallery. The first two were of a moving engine propeller.

And this is what it looked like outside on the roof, facing East toward the Cascades Mountain Range...

The largest building in the world: the Boeing factory where they build, among others,
the latest in their fleet: the Dreamliner!

Mount Rainier in the far distance...

Mount Baker: WOW!!!

Beautiful cloud formations...

On the way back home we had to stop for some photos in our River Valley of course with the sun shining so bright. We took a different road then normal and found lots of horses out in pasture.

And beautiful views of the mountains of course...

My favorite barn...
And then, when we were almost home, we had to stop and take a picture of the cow that has been the reason for the naming of this blog:

The kids had a great time as did we so a very successful day indeed! Tomorrow the hubby and I are off on our road-trip...


  1. I envy you so, you've really been into the Boeing should have been me. I love airplanes, not that go to aeroplane museums but when I see a plane up in the sky I cannot help myself but pointing and looking and saying: Look a plane! And I mean, I am a grown up person and planes are not that unusual, but I love it, it kind of symbolizes freedom for me.....
    Either you live in a very, very picturesque world or you are a very, very good photographer - I love the pictures, all of them, they are great!

    Aggie julkramar

  2. Hoi Marjan, prachige foto's. Wees maar blij met de zon, want hier in NL is het weer volkomen anders. Have a nice day! LINDA

  3. Hoi Marjan,
    mijn zoveelste poging, misschien gaat het nu lukken? facebook is aardig wat makkelijker. Maar wie weet, lukt het nu wel. Ik vind je foto's heel mooi en wens je veel plezier vandaag! Geniet van de zon, want wij zijn jaloers, hier in NL is het grijs en grauw en vanavond komt er weer storm en regen, groetjes, L.

  4. It must have been quite spectacular to see the Boeing factory! I didn't know, that it is the largest building in the world...
    Your surroundings are SO beautiful with all the mountains! So different from where I live!
    The house with the striped roof - didn't you have a picture of that in your header before?
    Merry Christmas to you and your family!
    Julkram, Monica

  5. Gorgeous, gorgeous photos! And can you believe that I've lived in this state for 13 years and I've never been to the Boeing plant (and my brother-in-law works up there!)

  6. Great photo as always! How can there be a Boing factory near all that beauty!?


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