Sunday, December 4, 2011

Finds, Gifts and lots of Lights!

Warning: picture overload...

Yesterday morning Mr. G. and I had time for a short visit to the Value Village. We found the above pictured items and the 'hideously fabulous' vintage tablecloth below...  <wink>

Also my vintage Vogue patterns arrived!

In the early afternoon the long awaited for packege from my sister, uhm The Sint I mean, arrived with lots of goodies, especially pour Moi!  {smile}

1. Varied paper crafts block
2. Rudolph paper cut and glue project
3. Various Sinterklaas and Christmas cards

Paper lanterns by Jurianne Matter.

Dutch inside joke: crochet 'rookworst' and 'tompoes'.
What fun surprises! Of course there were some yummie things in there as well such as marzipan and chocolate covered 'Pepernoten'! Yummie!

That afternoon was spent cooking since the neighbor across the road and myself had organized a little neighborhood party on occasion of the town's Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony that evening. We all went to the ceremony (so cold!) where Santa arrived on top of the christmas- lights- decorated- fire truck, there was a horse drawn wagon with Frosty The Snowman riding in it, there was a bonfire for marshmallow roasting and free hot chocolate drinks.

Once we had all walked home again we had organized that all the kids (about 12) would have taco's and cupcakes at our house and the grown ups had drinks (Mojito's!) and dinner at the neighbors' house: Gezellig!  {smile}

Here are some impressions:

And then this morning it was time for the final Sinterklaas celebration. I forgot to take pictures of the wooden shoes today but I have a picture from yesterday instead. The kids' picture was taken this morning though. They were playing with Lego!  {smile} (and munching on the chocolate covered 'pepernoten' and their chocolate letters...)

So, all in all a very good weekend already. I received a wonderful new Charles Wysockis winter puzzle (1000 pieces!) so I will be busy with that. Nice and quiet before the craziness of the 'last two weeks of school before the Christmas break' will thunder down upon us. (the last week consists of final tests so mucho stress involved!)


  1. Fijne vondsten weer! Is de tompouce al af?😉

  2. Sinterclass, is that a Dutch holiday before Christmas? I know that they celebrate some kind of Christmas i Germany on the 6th of december, is it the same as your Sinterclass?
    Anyway, it seems like you had a great time!
    Kram, Monica

  3. Heerlijk om je logje en sfeerfoto's te lezen/zien! Wat geweldige om al die versierde huizen te zien, zo mooi! En dan die klompen, ik kan er als Hollandse helemaal blij van worden! Gaaf dat je deze traditie ook in het verre Amerika levend weet te houden! Hier vanavond Pakjesavond, leuk! Groetjes!!

  4. Het ziet er super gezellig uit en leuke cadeautjes.
    Mooie collages, leuk met al die versieringen.
    Heerlijke sfeer!
    Fijne week, kram

  5. Your tablecloth is a cracker as are all those lovely and very wintry photos!

  6. Super jealous of the little pitcher and tablecloth!

  7. What a fun idea for the party...I want to live in your neighborhood!


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