Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Today is my dad's 75th birthday so a big "Hip, Hip, Hip Hurrah!" to him.  {smile}

I took these pictures last summer whilst visiting The Netherlands. The top one is a very typical one of us sharing a drink on his balcony overlooking the medieval Muiden harbor. In the bottom one he has just prepared some fresh (and raw!) Dutch Herring for us to share: Yum! (the kids just plain refused and I think Mr. G. had a bite to be polite...)
I added the old map background since that is an interest that both he and I share also. So once again: "Gefeliciteerd Papa!" It is days like these when I miss living closer to you!

--  *  --  *  --  *  --

Yesterday I spent a lot of time behind the computer (Mr. G. was still at work and the kids were playing the Wii for hours in a row) re-organizing files, deleting stuff etc., but there was also time to 'play' and I created first my new Facebook profile image...

And then after that I prepared a fun picture of our dog Olive. (picture taken by Miss M.!)  She (Olive that is) will be turning 11 in February and you can see her gray hairs increasing every day. Our baby!  {smile}

So, that was that. Today Miss M. and myself will visit one of her friends who, three days ago, got their new Portuguese Waterdog puppy! They already have an adult one and it will be so much fun to see them playing together. I've just re-loaded the battery of my camera because lots of pictures will be taken!

And oh yes, I finished putting the Charles Wysockis puzzle together!

What you see here in these two pictures is just a detail...

Then for tomorrow we have (finally) planned a trip/ tour of the Boeing plant in Everett. We have been living here for four and a half years now and still haven't been...
And the day after that we are going on a little mini road trip to Poulsbo on the Olympic Peninsula, a Norwegian town. First we will take a ferry from Seattle to Bainbridge, drive north to Poulsbo where there are apparently lots of fun Scandinavian shops and restaurants and then we will take another ferry back from Kingston to Edmonds.
What a day and this was all my hubby's idea! {big smile}

Otherwise not much of a Christmas feeling here since it feels more like Spring! I've even been experiencing Spring Cleaning Urges!


  1. You really are a busy lady!
    It must be hard for you to be so far away from your father on his great day!
    I hope that you will have a fine Scandinavian day in the norwegian town!
    (The brown thing on our beach is seaweed, and it comes and goes with the waves, specially in the winter.)
    Kram, Monica

  2. Jij ook gefeliciteerd met onze vader!je blog is niet meer in mijn leeslijst te zien, heb je iets aan je instellingen veranderd?

  3. Gefeliciteerd hoor, met je vaders verjaardag! Van harte! Ja, jammer dat je op dit soort dagen zo ver weg woont... Gelukkig is er internet!! Veel plezier met jullie uitstapjes!

  4. My Mum and Dad turned 75 this year too! I'm thinking that maybe a Wii sounds good for keeping kids off the computer and getting myself on there. You are getting very cyber-savvy, Mrs!

  5. A very happy birthday to your dad!
    And have a great time on all your're going to be one busy woman!


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