Thursday, December 29, 2011

In Between Days...

I was just looking around in  'blog-land' and came across Agneta's blog post which was called 'Mellandagen'. This sort of means 'in between days' in Swedish and hence my own blog title. It also gives me a good link to share with you that we finally ate the 'Jansson's Frestelse' recipe last night that Agneta sent us a few weeks back: it was delicious!

My kids threw some serious teenager tantrums about the fact that the dish contained Anchovies, but they had to admit that they barely noticed them (and definitely no bones to be seen) and they actually finished their plates! Of course the large amount of cream (500 ml!!!) helped as well but is was really tasty and certainly something I will make it again, although not any time soon, keeping all the calories in mind....

--   *   --   *   --  *  --

I think this time of year is always both my least favorite(all the looking back and the gaping wide open 'hole' of the new year makes me feel down) but at the same time it is also my favorite since I have a very strong 'throwing stuff away' feeling!   <wink>
I got rid off all the x-mas stuff the day after and that included the tree. And now I am just slowly getting rid off other stuff that I just really don't want anymore. A lot of it is just lovely but very oriental in design and my tastes have changed so much over the past year and a half or so. Fortunately my neighbor across the road is totally into the oriental (Indian) look so I will be giving a lot of items to her when they get from their vacation. The rest will go to Goodwill...

--  *  --  *  --  *  --

Well, no other pictures to show you. (there were plenty last week)  I did do a lot of work again on a new header (several actually if you have visited here in between on those 'in between days'...) and some new sidebar tags. My sister and I have both signed up for some online Photography and Photoshop classes  with Kim Klassen and those will start early January. How fun that we can do something like that together while living so far apart?! (she lives in The Netherlands)  {smile}

--  *  --  *  --  *  --

Tonight we have been invited to a 'Dawg' party. Our local university's Football team called The Huskies (their mascot is a Husky dog of course, hence the name of the party) are playing in the Alamo Bowl and we're all going over to a friend's house  to watch the game and where they are catering (!) for the event!

For tomorrow night we are invited at another friends' house for a Brisket dinner (some kind of smoked meat from the South if I got that right) and  Saturday (New Year's Eve) we have been invited to come all the way to the big city (i.e. Seattle) to celebrate the beginning of the new year with some famous rock stars. Well, one at least, our friend Kim from the band Soundgarden. Yes, I'm doing some bragging here.  <wink>

I hope you all have something fun planned also for that last day/ night of 2011?

Until we meet again in 2012!  {smile}


  1. Name dropping thats a big one I LOVE Soundgarden....
    Happy New Year Momma!!!

  2. Heerlijk he, die boom er weer uit! Hier is ook bijna alles weer verdwenen, op een glazen vaas met mijn favoriete kerstballen na... Ik hou juist wel van het terugkijken, en het idee dat ik lekker een nieuwe, frisse start kan maken! Nieuwe ronde, nieuwe kansen! Mooie titel voor een logje...! Ik wens jou en de jouwen een heel fijn uiteinde en begin toe, lieve groet Lupineke. P.S. Gave header!!

  3. Je nieuwe "look" is weer mooi!

  4. Dank Carla! Ik vond de witte achtergrond ook fijn maar deze zegt toch wat meer. Altijd leuk om er mee rond te spelen... :-)


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