Monday, December 5, 2011

Time To Get Cozy!

Smores (= marshmallows) during the town's festivities...

Sinterklaas has now officially gone back to Spain and it is now time to 'cozy-on-up' and get ready for The Holidays.

Street light decoration in our little town...
I received a phone call from Miss M. today, asking me to pick her up from school because of a sore throat. She is now situated on the couch all toasty in her new bright red footie pajamas and some hot tea. (and the new reindeer neck warmer!)

I in the mean time, am coming down with a cold. My nose is running and my head feels heavy, especially underneath the eyes' region. Oh oh....

That's why I felt the right moment was here to change the header and the side bar tags into something warm and cozy. (Tweed & Flannel)  I've added a 'past headers' page at the top in case you wanted to have a look back at some old headers I've come up with...

Our front room, from the outside in...

Well, I'm going to heat up some curried Zucchini soup that I still had left over from the party and after that I'm going to 'crawl under the wool' as we say in Holland. I'm certain you all understand what I mean, right?  <wink>


  1. Ziet er wel heel gezellig uit! Goed idee een header-overzicht!
    Morgen ga ik ook maar eens wat Kerstspullen uit de kelder halen!

  2. Wat sfeervolle banner, heel erg mooi! Gaan jij en je dochter maar lekker samen 'cocoonen', enne, niet ziek worden hoor!

  3. Your front room looks so nice, warm, cosy and American!
    Here, we don't put up the Christmas tree until the day before Christmas evening!
    I hope that your cold gets better really fast!
    Kram, Monica

  4. Heerlijk die kerstsfeer hier op je blog, mooie banner en leuk je ruitjesstof links en rechts, ik zie nog net een stukje ;)
    Fijne dag, kram


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