A Frosty Morn...

Yesterday I took lots of lovely pictures in our back yard, almost like part of the 'Signs of Spring' thing I took part of last year. That is how spring- like it has been feeling! Until this morning that was... 25F! (that would be about minus 3 in Celsius I think)

As I was opening the sliding door to let Olive out at 7:30am, I looked outside and immediately ran to grab my camera: WootWoot, get ready for lots of Frosty Film!  {smile}

And a couple of pretty leaves...

Plus a couple of house/ mood shots...

That should do for today right?  <wink>

PS It has come to my attention that my blog wasn't regularly being updated by Blogger in some of your blog lists, so please check back a few posts on what you might have missed.
To resolve the problem (after reading up on it in quite a few help-forums), I added my own blog's URL to my own 'reading list' and that seemed to have done the trick.... Maybe a tip for you if you are experiencing those problems yourself?


  1. I love your house shot from outside peeping in ..cosy :)
    Also thankyou for that tip, I have missed lots of your posts so will go catch up now x x x x x x x

  2. Gorgeous photos CR!! Inside looks so warm and like the place to be!!

  3. What a difference in temperature!
    And just in time for Christmas!
    Beautiful pictures, as usual!
    Kram, Monica


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