Tuesday, September 1, 2015


Wow, we went from tropical Summer to full on Fall overnight! Saturday a rather large storm swept through the area and a ton of rain came down. A lot of wind also (although not in our area) and at one point 450.000 people were without power. But rain: Yay! I think the last time we had a proper amount of rain was last May!

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Darker days call for more knitting! I'm still working on the Estuary shawl but the knitting is just plain not enjoyable. So I decided to start a project on the side with yarn that was given to me by my mother earlier this summer. (Drops Nepal, 65% wool & 35% alpaca, aran weight) The color is not quite my favorite (it leans towards oatmeal but with a bit more grey in it), but it is so soft and squishy. I bought the pattern called 'Lemongrass' by Joji Locatelli, but decided to add Krebinette's lace pattern to the front. I also added a vertical cable on the back, just for interest. The tall collar will be added later. Once blocked this pattern will look lovely and the sweater/ poncho will certainly become one of my favorites to wear...

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In other news, Miss M. is starting to settle in L.A., although the heat wave last week didn't help. At one point the temperatures went all the way up to 104 F / 40C! Remember, no a/c in her dorm... We did realize very early on that Thanksgiving is way to far away, so we booked her some tickets for her October break, only 6 more weeks to go before we see each other again! {smile}

Master C. is starting his junior year at Gonzaga today. He moved into his first apartment in the middle of August and seems to be quite happy over there. He is getting cooking lessons from his girlfriend so I think he'll be just fine. Last night we did a family Skype session which was a lot of fun!

Well, that was it for now. Just a short little update!  <wink>

PS: It is so dark outside, I've got my favorite candles on!


  1. It does feel good to get the rain. We had some power outages here as well, but not at our place. I love that Lemongrass pattern, looks so comfy. Can't wait to see it done!

  2. Oh wow ik ben ter plekke verliefd geworden op die poncho met mouwen ! Wat een práchtig patroon is me dat !!

    1. Het lijkt me ook heerlijk om te dragen, gauw doorbreien! ;-)

  3. Kijk... dat zijn nou de momenten waarop ik wens dat ik beter kon breien dat recht-toe-recht-aan.
    Ik kan me voorstellen dat dat echt een favoriet kledingstuk wordt!
    Grappig dat jullie ook ineens van zomer naar herfst zijn gegaan!


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