Wednesday, September 16, 2015

A Little Adventure...

Last Saturday, when the skies were blue and the waters were calm, Mr. G. and I went on a little adventure of sorts. We went to see the 'Vashon Sheepdog Classic, the trials at Misty Isle'.

We left our house at 8am in a thick mist. There were at least two running races going on in our little town and I was happily surprised to see a lot of people around that early in the morning. We parked our vehicle on the street in Fauntleroy (West Seattle) and walked onto the ferry. (a first for both of us) By that time all the mist/ fog had disappeared and it had become a gloriously calm and warm day!

Upon crossing the Sound we took a shuttle to Misty Isle Farms and spent the whole day in the field enjoying the competitions, the dogs and the sheep (one escaped into the audience!) and some lovely food. And yes, I might have bought a lovely skein of wool for the mister...

Here is a little description of the competition:  "During these competitions, the mission of these highly trained dogs is, at the  signal from the handler, to run to the top of the field, gather the sheep  and move them in a quiet workman-like manner through a series of tasks that could be encountered on the farm. The sheep are to be guided with kindness and patience throughout the run. A “grip” or bite is cause for immediate disqualification (unless the dog is defending him-/herself). All along, the handler guides the dog with whistles or voice commands. The entire run must be completed within an allotted number of minutes."

We had a wonderful day and to top it all off, a beautiful view of Mount Rainier on the ferry ride back... (click to enlarge!)

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A few have asked me privately how Miss M. is doing all the way down in L.A.: I won't lie, it was darn hot (several heatwaves came through), but she has managed to get a different room in a dorm with air-conditioning so she is now a very happy camper. Today especially when she received her first test grade back which made her top of the Chemistry class! (sorry, had to brag a little a lot there...) She'll be coming home for four days in October and we can't wait to see her again in person! {smile}


  1. yippee! Een leuk avontuur en to top it off: well-earned bragging rights!! :-) :-)

  2. Wat goed dat de dochter het zo naar haar zin heeft en het zo goed gaat met haar !!


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