Yesterday was once again a beautiful day so I couldn't resist making more pictures on my way to school. After almost four years in this area I still get excited when we can actually see the volcano Mt. Rainier. The ones above and below were taken towards our village, but at different locations. Every time I have to find a safe place where I can stop the car, jump out and quickly take some pictures.
The next onces were taken right before I exit the valley. You should be able to recognize the bridge here. This where I've taken a lot of the flood pictures. I guess I could put a before and after picture set together for you. Maybe later today. I love the green of the grass here...
Next was the Basketball game for M. at school. I could only stay for the first half since C. had an orthodontist appointment in town. Look at these cool Nike shoes! And they crushed the other team by the way... <M. sits all the way to the right>
And look what was waiting for me when I came home: my order from "Sew, Mama, Sew"!
I ordered some Robert Kaufman and Michael Miller fabrics for the grey quilt <or maybe a wall hanging, we don't really need a quilt> that I would like to make for our grey bedroom. It is very difficult to find nice grey fabrics that don't have any other colors in it. I Love polkadots (if you didn't know that already) but I'm still looking for a couple of other graphic prints that can go with these. At least I've started my stash!