A Whole Book....

I actually started and finished a whole book this afternoon, some of it outside in the somewhat warm sunshine on a narrow bench in the yard and some of it inside on the comfy couch. The book was called "La's Orchestra Saves the World",  it was written by Alexander McCall Smith. I just picked it up at the local library the other day because the cover looked good (very important I'm afraid to admit) and because of the short description on the back cover: "A heartwarming stand-alone novel about the life-affirming powers of music and company during a time of war."
I liked it a lot and was very pleased to see that the author has a slew of other books that I can read...

I leave you with rosy cheeks from all the sunshine and with a rather suitable candle that I found last week... ("zet een kaars voor je raam vannacht...")


  1. I don't want to read about your sitting in the sun reading books.....lovely for you though....
    It's still snowing and raining and is absolutely slippery outside.
    What a cross stitch embroidery you are working on, I am impresssed. Allt that counting....
    Also love the look of your interior pictures, you have a beautiful home.
    And the piece of material with the dalahorses on is lovely, one of the prettiest they ever made in the big shop!


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