Snow Day Part Deux...

So, we had 4 inches coming down, which is around 10cm: not bad at all!  Quite a bit of ice underneath all the snow so that is not good for driving. Good thing I postponed M.'s orthodontist appointment for this morning to next week!

The local schools only got a 2 hour delay so that is a bummer for M. At least all the kids should be home again by 3pm so then they can all go playing together outside...

Here are some pics I took of the back and the front of the house...
I'm sure more pictures will be made a bit later on in the day. For now it is time for breakfast (yoghurt/ banana smoothie with ground flaxseed) and some quilt fiddling.

PS G. and C. have arrived safely in Whistler yesterday where they apparently had 2 feet of new snow and very cold temperatures: the men are happy!


  1. So you got more snow! Wow. We're not the only ones then. Your house is beautiful, I like it a lot. Want to see lots and lots of pics of it.

  2. Yes, your house looks really good! And big!
    I hope you will take many pictures of the house and garden when the spring comes!


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