Morning Coffee...

Every morning, for the past 20 some years, my husband has made my morning cup of coffee!
(yes, I felt that was a fact worth mentioning in bold AND italics...)

Making a good cup of coffee is something of an art form apparently and it always makes me very nervous when he is away and I have to make my own cuppa joe. But, in the end, my cuppa tastes just as good (or close at least) as his cuppa! Ha!

Here are the machines involved: a Rancilio coffee making device and a Rancilio coffee grinder. Yes, fresh ground beans every morning.
Here it goes:

And here is the result:

Yummie for my tummy! And a great way to start your day, to keep in the rhyming theme...
I hope you guys have a great day and an even greater weekend!


  1. Wat een liefje, om dat zo schattig voor je te doen... true love!


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