More Pip...

The original plan...
I have been spending quite a few hours on my little Pip-Project. Everything was going fine until yesterday morning and I decided I didn't like it anymore!

It was just becoming too big (130 x 220 stitches = 9 x 15 inches/ 23 x 40 cm) and there were too many things in it that didn't work for me anymore. Sometimes that happens in the creative process...

So, I decided to take out the parts that I did like and to put them together in a smaller project. (100 x 140 stitches = 6 1/2 x 9 1/2 inches/ 17 x 25cm)
The New and Improved Plan...
This is not exactly how it is going to look but I think it will get pretty close.
The background for the two deer for example will become light blue and the large dots will stay un-stitched. It would have been a lot of work to actually color all that in with my markers. Now I'm ready to start the actual stitching!
Here you can see some more detail of all the coloring
 involved and yes, mistakes were made!
(note the white-out)
Not much other news from the western front for now. It is almost Friday (woot woot!) which also means we will have a whole week off of school next week!
Mid-winter break it is called here. I think in Sweden they call it Sport Lov and in Holland Carnevals Vakantie?

G. and C. will be spending several days up in Canada (Whistler) for some fun skiing and snowboarding with another dad and son duo, while M. and I will be staying behind with Olive.
M. has another orthodontist appointment so that is pretty exciting stuff. (not!) We'll probably go and see a chick-flick or something like that...

Talking about dentists: I have to go and see a periodontist in a couple weeks for some gum problems: Yaiks! I'll keep you posted...


  1. Wat wordt je tweede versie mooi, prachtig, en wat een werk zeg! Complimenten hoor! Fijn dat jullie al vakantie hebben, hier begint de Voorjaarsvakantie pas 7 maart. Och, en bij jullie ook ortho-perikelen? Net als bij onze kinderen :( Geniet van de vakantie, veel plezier ondanks de afspraak! Groetjes van Lupineke

  2. Bedankt Lupineke. Gelukkig zijn hier de ortho-toestanden bijna voorbij. Bij C. is de beugel er al sinds de zomer af en bij M. waarschijnlijk deze aankomende zomer. Werd wel tijd ook! :(


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