Before & After...

I thought it would be fun to show you how easy it is to 'doctor' your photos and show you a little before & after so to speak.  For the pudding one I first went into Picasa 3 and brightened the picture. Then I went to PhotoScape and put the old and new pictures next to each other for comparisons sake. I took sort of the same route for the bamboo picture but added the Lomo effect to it instead. This doesn't work for all pictures but it is fun to do so have a go!

Last Sunday I decided to change up the furniture in the house without spending any money. I  (with help of the rest of the family) changed out the two large dining tables that we have. (yes, we have two dining and living rooms, how very American) Now the dark one is in the formal area where I do my sewing and the lighter one is in the kitchen area. So far I like it! (Olive was checking out the neighborhood...)
PS I added two Signs of Spring pictures in the left side bar, taken yesterday. They are the first sign of Chives and the first sign of Peonies!


  1. Ook nog even een foto van de keukentafel!


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