Tuesday, January 8, 2013

To Pucker Or Not To Pucker...

puck·er  (pkr)
v. puck·eredpuck·er·ingpuck·ers
To gather into small wrinkles or folds: puckered my lips; puckered the curtains.
To become gathered, contracted, and wrinkled.
1. A wrinkle or wrinkled part, as in tightly stitched cloth.
2. A facial expression in which the lips are tightly pulled together and pushed outward.
3. A tart flavor that causes one's lips to pucker: the pucker of lemon.

Yes, I have found myself in the middle of 'the battle of the puckering'! I've had the seam ripper out several times already...

What you see pictured above is the side-view front panel of the Day-tripper Bag out of that lovely laminated cotton I received last week. I read-up quite a bit about this fabric, changed the needle, used a longer stitch length and have even taped the underside of my sewing foot with painters' tape to make the fabric feed through better, but oh boy, what a struggle to keep all the panels in place.

Next step: the back panel zipper placement... Wish me luck! (and so much patience)

I'll leave you with this very peaceful little birdie hanging on to our suet feeder outside our kitchen window. I can never get enough of these little guys... {smile}


  1. Oooh bah wat irritant als dat gebeurt met stof! Good luck! En bedankt voor het kapperscompliment ;) Het is nogal lastig omdat ik een kruin in m'n pony heb :)

  2. I loved your Seattle pictures too.....they were amazing!


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