Saturday, January 5, 2013

A Grand Day Out...

Yesterday we took the ferry from Seattle to Bainbridge and then drove onward to the tiny town of Poulsbo to do some Dutch grocery shopping: Yay!  {smile} 

They have a small grocery store there specializing in Dutch, German, British and Scandinavian foods: absolute heaven! I did some serious pondering over a box with 24 frozen 'kroketten', but I was strong...  <wink> I did buy  'een klein kuipje met smeerkaas', just for the fun of it and of course tons of Dutch licorice (= drop), other candy, ontbijtkoek, stroop etc. Upon our return home our new weighing scale had arrived (it also measures bone mass, body fat etc) so now I'm thinking that maybe I shouldn't have bought so much bad (but soooo good) food from my home country. Oh well, it only happens about once a year...

Anyway, here are some impressions of the rest of our grand day out. No words necessary me thinks...


  1. Wat een ongelofelijk mooie foto's!! En.. maak je niet dik, als ik zie hoe vaak en goed je aan het hardlopen bent, zijn die dropjes er zo weer af ;)!

    1. Ja, maar al die negerzoenen, schuimpjes en ontbijtkoek niet helaas! ;-) In ieder geval krijg ik op deze manier een beetje meer motivatie voor het rennen, want de afgelopen paar weken was het moeilijk om in beweging te blijven...

  2. happy new year to you Marjan - I've missed my visits over here recently and plan to do far more visiting blogging pals now the hectic season is over.
    Your photography continues to inspire me on a regular basis (and don't get me started on the dress making!!)
    Here's to a good year full of memory making
    fee x

  3. Seattle looks like such a pretty city! Lovely photos too.


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