Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Card made by my sister over on Pike Street.

Master C. has turned 18 today:  Hip Hip Hooray!!!

How did that happen?

This is what you give an eighteen year old:

A Bier Stein (=  beer mug)  from Munich  (he was born there) and a 3 pound bag of Gummibears!  He was very happy...   <wink>

And then, just now, I came across a post on the Flow Magazine website and found this video of The Snowman. When Master C. was about 3 years old we used to watched this. One time, when I had gone to the kitchen to get him something, I found him crying on the couch all alone and so so sad for his snowman... What a magical moment we shared together...

Near Starnberg, Bayern, Germany 1996-'97...
(and as the first tunes of this beautiful story commence, tears well up in my eyes once more)


  1. An 18th birthday how wonderful. My youngest is 3 and right now I can't imagine him at 18. That's a cute memory to have about the snowman. How precious. :) Have a great day!

  2. Van harte hoor, met deze supergrote zoon!! Wat een mijlpaal he ;)! En de Sneeuwman, zo'n prachtige film, ook hier hebben we er heel wat keer naar gekeken, dus ik snap wat je bedoeld... weemoed is een schone zaak!

  3. Wat een prachtige herrinering! Gefeliciteerd!

  4. I think Gummibears would be the best birthday present ever! That's just my humble opinion though. I happen to love gummibears and awful lot ;) Happy 18th!

  5. That is so lovely - Happy eighteenth Master C!

    Nina x

  6. Hip, hip, hurray for your son today!
    Kram, Monica

  7. Wow! An eighteen year old son! It sneaks up doesn't it? Mine are only turning fourteen this year but I'm feeling it.
    Did you have any tricky times at all? He has turned out wonderfully. well done to you both! x

  8. Happy birthday, Master c!
    You must be so proud, Marjan!


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