Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Cold & Clear...

It has been pretty cold here the last few days. Nothing big, just around 32F/ 0 C, but cold enough to make it feel wintry. All the rain has finally stopped and we are now in a weather pattern of cold, dry days and it looks like it will stay this way for at least another week: love it! Once the fog clears up every morning, we are treated to bright blue skies and sunshine. Can we do a little dance here? We so need some extra vitamin D.

The pictures above were taken yesterday afternoon and the pictures below were taken Sunday morning, all around our town in The Valley. The temperature that morning was around 20F/ -7C...

In the mean time I'm sewing up some warm flannel pjs with piping. It is a fun and relatively easy project after my big bag. Oh, and talking about sewing, I've added a 'made by moi' page at the top of the blog, so that you can keep up with what I've been making. Just for fun...

Before I do some more sewing this morning though, I have to go out for another run. There is frost on the grass and it is rather chilly once again, but the sun is out and that will keep me going. The views should be spectacular!


  1. Je tas is mooi geworden!
    En boy oh boy wat een uitzichten heb jij daar toch! Daar word ik best een beetje jaloers van :D

  2. Your photography is stunning! You should seriously enter photo contests. I check back everyday just to take in the beautiful views. Thanks for sharing. Love your blog!

  3. Your photos took my breath amazing, you really do live in a beautiful place.
    Hope you are keeping warm x
    Jane xxx

  4. It's so fantastic beautiful where you live! Amazing. Don't look too much when running, you can stumble......Aggie

  5. Absolutely amazing photos, it's beautiful where you live, happy birthday to your son! :) x

  6. I completely agree with Aggie: Spectacular surroundings!
    Kram, Monica


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