Friday, January 18, 2013

Comfy & Cozy!

With a bit of a runny nose and some achy bones I managed to finish the pajamas this morning. (and am wearing them as I write this) 

I bought the fabric, all 4 yards of it, before I bought the pattern: big mistake because as you can see I didn't have enough fabric! Fortunately I had a piece of a flannel sheet stashed away so I added that to the bottom leg panels. It looks a bit like I'm wearing bell-bottoms now but I assure you they are not. (I grew up in the bell-bottom era and would never willingly wear them again!)  <wink>

I cut out the Small size but they are still pretty roomy, especially the top, but I guess that will make it more comfortable for sleeping. Over all I'm mighty pleased once again!  {smile}

Have a great weekend everyone and be careful with all that snow you folks in Europe!


  1. It certainly looks nice and cosy!
    Have a nice weekend you too!
    Kram, Monica

  2. Mooie oplossing zo met die rand aan de pijpen, het valt echt niet op, als je niks gezegd had, had ik het niet eens gezien! Hou maar lekker aan vandaag!!

  3. Those are so cozy looking. Love that fabric, its so fun and playful. Warm. It is -21 C with wind chill here today we are all wrapped up in flannel- me in my Hello Kitty rag quilt! :) Hope you are feeling better soon. Have a lovely weekend.



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