Thursday, January 31, 2013

Small Signs Of Returning Creativity...

It has been tough going here the past few weeks. I just can not seem to find my usual 'go'. I am not alarmed (too much): it is January after all, and always a tough time of year to get anything going. I'm giving 'it' time and I am certain that slowly but surely things will start happening again.

Look at my crochet heart for example:

I made the first attempt several days ago and was obviously not impressed. I just left it there on the table for me to ponder about every time while passing. This morning (after another run) I finally decided to give it a go again. Not perfect but at least recognizable as a heart right?

And in between 'all that' (not a lot obviously) I made a little collage out of mainly Flow (= Dutch magazine) pages, stuck it on an old canvas and it is now hanging in my bedroom. It makes me smile every time I pass it.  I might even make another one with some yarn woven in. I will have to ponder some more on that one...

In the mean time I have turned on my special lamp again, maybe that will give me a bit of a boost...


  1. Replies
    1. Dank! Het valt me allemaal erg zwaar op dit moment...

  2. You're making hearts! That takes lots of energy, you're good at it, very much so. About not having energy, I have none, it's terrible, my brains have energy but I'm not able to transform it into action.............Agneta kram

  3. Oh Orla, love her prints, love the hearts and collage! It's nice when the muse returns x

  4. Lastig he, die periodes dat het allemaal niet zo wil..! Gelukkig is je hartje gelukt en geeft je moodboard je weer inspiratie! Gauw die lamp aan!!

  5. HI HELLO HOW ARE YOU!? I am rogue visiting as many blogger friends as I can before my conscience gets the better of me. ( I'm supposed to be writing an article right now, but needed a break!) ANYWAY....I just wanted to stop by and say how much I've missed our chit chats. I'm almost through the "worst of it" with January being almost over (my busiest month of the year at the shop) so I'm itching to get back into the swing of things again. I love your poster collage, and think your heart is perfection!! Have a wonderful lamp soaking, and maybe if we're lucky we'll have a tiny bit of the real thing tomorrow! Cheerio!! T. :)

  6. They are lovely little hearts, you are doing sooooo well! :) x

  7. I see that you too have visited Attic24! I love all of the colours and the crocheting. A year ago, I managed to create a very small triangular pennant type garland inspired from Attic24. I haven't tried the heart but wish I could make it. I just think it looks challenging and don't have the Heart to try it. Yours looks awesome. I love it.


How wonderful to hear from you!

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