Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Oh Glory Be!

When I woke up just after nine this morning (very late for me) the first thing I realized was that it was awfully bright in our room: the Sun was actually shining!  {smile}

And then, when I opened the curtains, it was sparkly everywhere: Frost! 

Quick, quick, quick, I ran outside in my robe and slippers and snapped these pictures. What an amazingly great and glorious way to start the New Year!

I have a feeling that more pictures will follow today with all this beautiful light around us...


  1. Wonder-full!!!
    Happy New year to you. SMILE.

  2. Lovely pictures! Here we have 5-6 degrees Celcius and very grey weather...
    Kram, Monica

  3. Wat een prachtige foto's...word er stil van zo mooi!

  4. Wauw, geweldig, prachtig , mooooooi!

  5. How magical! I grew up with frost in the only cold place in our state.
    Your photos remind me of that quiet time before the world wakes up when it is snap frozen in a moment.

  6. It was so beautiful yesterday! Yay for sunshine!
    Happy New Year, Marjan!!

  7. I love the berry photo....it's soooo beautiful!
    Chris :o)


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