Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Lately I have found myself a bit at an impasse, a pause you might say. Sewing the big laminated shoulder bag sort of felt as the highlight of my sewing and now that is finished, I sort of feel finished with sewing for a bit. Not strange, considering I've been sewing like crazy for the past two years. But now what?

I've given this crochet lark a go this week and I must say that after this mornings'  session I feel slightly more confident. Yesterday I didn't get it at all and quickly put it away again, but then this morning I sort of  'saw the light' and the pattern actually made sense to me!  {smile}  (and 'thank you Fee!' for your encouragement!)

Maybe I will attempt making this Granny Stripe Blanket found at The Purl Bee...

It does look like a rather large project, I was thinking more in the lines of a lap-blanket for starters. I just really like the simplicity of it all. Maybe I'll just look around a bit more and try out some other crochet patterns first. There is no hurry...

The weather pattern has finally changed and today it is not as cold anymore. The running was just plain rough in temperatures below freezing. Yesterday I only managed 2 miles (normally I run at least 3 miles) but tomorrow will hopefully go better. Today I did a 45 minute dvd workout with some good lunches and squats etc. I must say I am finally making some more progress on that front.  Not those floor/ belly exercises however. What a pain!  (literally and figuratively speaking) 

Yesterday morning, when I stepped out of the front door for that said run, I looked up and saw this fascinating looking sky:

"Beeeeh!" ( 'sheep clouds' we call them in Holland)    <wink>


  1. You really saw the ligt, it looks absolutely perfect. That moment when you see the light isn't that amazing?

  2. Your granny square looks great. Way to go. I'm currently on what I call a sewing break. I've thought about sewing but can't get myself to even uncover the machine. LOL. Best to do what you enjoy! Have a nice day.

  3. You did it!
    Veel plezier met haken!
    Voor de buikspieren heb ik nu een bal gekocht bij de target voor cheap en dat helpt echt alleen al voor die rottige zit-ups, nu heb ik geen pijn in mijn rug meer daarvan! (nu even geen oefeningen met die griep, maar..)
    Ik heb nu nog weinig energie maar misschien in een paar dagen kunnen we header doen- iets dat niet seizoen gebonden is want het duurt te lang om iets nieuws te maken voor mij!

  4. Leuk! Ik krijg meteen zin om haaknaald en garen te pakken.

  5. Oef ja die grote deken is geweldig! Ik heb een oaar jaar geleden een deken gehaakt, duurde ongeveer 2 maanden...


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