Thursday, January 3, 2013

Frosty Fingers And Some Macro...

... 25F / -4C this morning and everything is so so pretty out there. Pretty chilly though too: my fingers could barely move after this photo session...

I really should go out for a run this morning, but I'm afraid my knee joints won't cooperate with all this cold. And then there is that slight matter of sewing a new bag with all that gorgeous laminated cotton that arrived yesterday, or maybe sewing some new pajamas with the funky flannel I found half-price at Joann's. So many choices!  <wink>


  1. some fantastic details
    & BEST WISHES FOR 2013
    x ... ***

  2. Wat maak je toch schitterende foto's!!! En je header is ook zo geweldig, weet je dat het me doet denken aan de foto's van Ruud van Empel? Ik bezocht de expositie in het Gronings Museum, kijk maar eens ( Groetjes!!

  3. Mooi mooi...prachtig, wonderbaarlijk...dank weer, voor het krijgen van koude vingers, hopenlijk inmiddels opgewarmd! Ben benieuwd wat je uiteindelijk gedaan hebt met de dag- ik van alles een beetje! Maar niks af!
    Ik ben een stuk minder dedicated dan jij, ga niet in mijn pyama naar buiten hoor. Maar jah, het resultaat is ernaar. ;-)

  4. Wow look at those crystals. Beautiful. Thanks for having me back, seriously need to get back to blogging for my sanity. I injured my knee last year, no idea how - it just kept giving way and then stayed permanently locked. Better now. Out with the flax oil :)

  5. How did you manage the close ups of the ice? They are beautiful! Any hints greatly appreciated.

    I plan for a run tomorrow with the running club in my area, hoping its not too cold but we are having a cold snap here right now and the wind chill has been double digit. Some say the cold makes them feel energetic. I don't like how it makes my lungs feel :)I can understand that cold is not so good for sore knees. Hope you are able to get out there!!! Have a great day.



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