Thursday, January 10, 2013

I Have Become A Birdaholic!

A few days ago we placed the suet feeder right in front of our kitchen window and now I just can't get enough of snapping pictures of them! 

That Northern Flicker managed to make another appearance and of course there were lots of Junco's (those with the black heads) and Tits and what I think are little Nuthatches. I guess I have to take my Audubon bird book off the shelves and take a peek at what they actually are called....

Anyway, in my book they are all called 'Cute' and I just love looking at them. {smile}

So at the end of yesterday's post I mentioned that things were finally clearing up outside, or so I thought. How wrong was I? The weather later that afternoon (when I was driving the kids to the dentist and back to school and then home) was absolutely atrocious with first a ton of rain and then wet snow coming down! I dislike driving in the dark anyway but under those conditions it was just horrible. By the time Master C. and I made it home I had a knot in my shoulder blades from all the tension while driving. 
By the time Mr. G. and Miss M. drove home they encountered an inch of snow on their way! Not here thank goodness. Don't get me wrong, I love snow, but then in decent amounts, not just an inch here and there...

But, this morning it was finally dry which meant that I really had to go out on a run and I so didn't want to. (whine, whine) I did run my required (by myself) 3 miles / 5k so that was good and I even managed to squeeze in a rigorous 45-minute dvd-workout afterwards so right now I am feeling super fit! (that explains all the rambling going on!)  <wink>

Now I'm ready to tackle the lining for my new bag!


  1. Love the birds you have outside the kitchen windows! They are very exotic to me.

    Oh, it's not fun any longer to drive in the dark and in the the rain, I did that yesterday and got so tired both in my eyes and as you, in between the shoulder blades. Is that age, or what?

    Saw an episode on a series named "The Killing" which is meant to be from Seattle and it's raining all the time!!! There's this Swedish guy Joel Kinnaman playing in it.

    We don't have any snow right now, everything is gone - I'd like it white and cold when it's winter!


  2. There so can you not get addicted! Heidi

    1. I knew I would find more 'addictees' out there! ;-)

  3. I would be as well if we had such interesting birds flocking to our garden. I'm afraid it's really just the odd blackbird or two, but they are still lovely to watch.

    So does this make you a twitcher? A UK term for being a bird watcher.

    Nina x

  4. Your birds are really cute! Especially the small, "thick" ones...
    Nowadays I don't drive at all, when it's dark and certainly not when it is slippery from ice or snow! I'm too old for that...
    Have a nice weekend, kram, Monica

  5. Vogels zijn cool! Deze vogeltjes tenminste :) Heb je earthflight al eens gezien? Ook de moeite waard om te kijken.
    En ja, vreselijk om in die omstandigheden te rijden! Daar krijg ik ook altijd stijve schouders van, brrr!

  6. Hè, balen van het weer! Ik vind in de sneeuw rijden altijd erg leuk...maarja, erg veel uitdaging is er niet op de Nederlandse wegen. dat zal bij jou heel anders zijn!

    Vogels fotograferen, ik snap het helemaal! Super leuk toch!!


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