Monday, October 31, 2011

Cross- Stitching Once Again...

I haven't worked on this cross- stitch project (designed by Thea Gouverneur) for a very long time...


I've been working so much on my sewing, photography and lately all that Photoshop editing, that the project has been laying by the way-side a bit. 

That is ok.!

These kind of large projects don't have to be finished immediately...

I've added my feet so that you can see the actual size!

I'll 'sip and savour' a little bit at a time...


  1. that is truely amazing!
    I love a bit of cross stitch (and wish wish wish I had more time) when the mood takes me. No playing for me until the christmas rush is fact, what am I doing still sitting here?!

  2. Wow, it will be so beautiful when it is done. It looks so big and intimidating. Good for you :) Your newest follower, Laura

  3. It looks just marvellous! Many, many hours of work! But such an enjoyable time!
    Kram, Monica

  4. That is a fantastic work, so much work and what a beautiful motiv. Absolutely georgeous!
    Agneta kramar

  5. Marjan, wat een prachtig borduurwerk, ik kende het patroon niet. Toch ook wel weer leuk om eens te borduren.

  6. Its so beautiful...I'm impressed!!!!


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