Tuesday, October 11, 2011


I had the inside of my card say the following:
"Let's hope for lots of snow this year!"
Disclaimer: No, I am not getting paid in any way for this blatant advertising!  <wink>

A little while ago one of my best Dutch friends plus a friend of hers, started this card company called Letterpost.
At first you could only send cards from The Netherlands but now you can also send them from The States! In fact, I was the first person ever to do so!  {smile} I ordered the card above and just loved it. Great shiny card stock and lots of possibilities to personalize your card.... (fonts, backgrounds, colors and you can even upload a photo!)
Go check out their site. I thought the price was more than reasonable. Considering it is so difficult to find fun and a bit different looking kind of cards here in the US, this is a great alternative. And it is all in English!

Here some fun examples...

On their blog (which is in Dutch) you can also find this owl book mark which will be fun and easy to make.
I love their assortment and will certainly use them again! So, enough with the blatant advertising already!

A little Photoshop update:
1) I've found the 'step backward' button!
2) I've ordered at least three 'Photoshop for Dummies' kind of books from the library. Hopefully they will arrive soon since I desperately need some basic knowledge of all those little buttons in the sidebar...

And oh yes, I was asked about the background that I have on right now. I found it at Shabby Blogs and it was for free: yay! Now tell me if it takes you an incredibly long time to load my page, because if so, I'll take it off again. For me it loads instantly but apparently that is not the case for everyone...

Alright, it is Tuesday once again which means I'm off to Little Bit to do some volunteering. It is very blustery and wet outside so hopefully the horses won't go crazy on us!

See ya!

PS Dear Annie and Fee: who on earth is 'Lucy Luddite'???  {smile}


  1. helloooo, hope you didn't get blown away today and I had to ask my hubby who Lucy Luddite was!!!! he he love it :) :) I thought she was an actress from the fifties!!!!!
    byeeeeeee x x x x x x x

  2. too funny - I imagine it's just a silly name for girls who are behind the times! I just liked it when Annie said it - maybe she'll now tell us it's a real person!
    f x


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