Friday, October 14, 2011


Well, I had quite a productive afternoon yesterday!

I adapted the doll patterns, cut out the fabric (1.), started sewing all the tiny bits together (2.), turned them all right side out (3.) and started stuffing them. (4.) I especially love how the stick legs came out, aren't they funny?  {smile}

Unfortunately though this pattern will not work since it is waaaaaay too much work to make 6 or 7 of them! Such fiddly stuff will drive me crazy! I will finish this one and if my sister likes it I can make her one as well (With different fabrics. Don't worry Carla, these were just some left-overs...) but I think that will be it.

So I guess now I will be looking for a new x-mas present for the neighbors! Good thing I started with this whole x-mas thinking Early!  <wink>

Yesterday the weather was quite lovely, although I must admit I didn't spend a lot of time outside, since I was busy working on the pattern. I did manage to snap some Fall pics...

When I was editing them on PhotoScape I found this feature:
Tadaa: it's an oval!  {smile} I don't why it took me this long to discover this feature but it is FUN! (you can find it underneath the 'crop' feature, just click on the box saying 'circle' on it)

Since it is Friday once again (Yes!) I will be off  to Little Bit, but first I will have some tea-time... (another oval!)

Upon my return this afternoon I will be busy flipping through those Photoshop books because they have arrived in the library! Oh the possibilities....


  1. I am super-impressed that you're getting such an early start on Christmas stuff! You are one smart woman!

  2. Ha, ik ben blij dat je hem leuk vind want wat een werk!!! Ik heb ook rood met witte stippen stof gekocht en die leuke reindeers (van gisteren) komen volgende week aan. Laat maar weten wat je leuk vind...

  3. Oh die theepot... ! Echt, je poppetje is schattig, maar ik ben naarstig op zoek naar een theepot omdat ik de mijne heb gebroken en nu al een week zonder theepot zit, en nu zie ik deze bij jou... hij is geweldig!! Enne, nog dank voor de tips, ik ga na het weekend meteen googelen!

  4. you actually
    make your
    xmas gifts
    yeehah cowgirl
    good for you


  5. Fijn dat er wederom een lurker is ontmanteld! ;)

    Ik kwam even terugkijken, leuk blog!

  6. I haven't even begun thinking about Christmas yet...
    Kram, Monica

  7. What a nice little santa claus! :-)
    No we don´t have snow yet and I hope it isn´t coming too soon!


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