Friday, October 28, 2011


It is absolutely pouring rain outside, so a good time to fiddle around with Mr. Photoshop once again. What do you think of the following?
Yay! Success at last!

Of course I only show you the proper results, not all the banged-up ones. This time I managed to add the notebook picture to a blank document. I then re-sized it bigger and added the (colored!) text. After that I added (in a different color) the pictures to the right.

Ha, that gives me quite an accomplished feeling!  {smile}

Hey You, the Weekend is here!!!!

PS I have finally become a member of the Pinterest Family. You can check it out if you like... <wink>


  1. You are so clever! It looks smashing! Like a proper note-book!
    Kram, Monica

  2. Had a quick stroll through your Pinterest. Hello kindred soul!

  3. Hmmmm, photoshop envy. loving your work my talented friend.
    Now off to check out your pinterest (any excuse!)

  4. wooo hoooo...just spotted my button! thank you kindly!
    fee x

  5. great photoshopping :)I used to use it for work many moons ago, looks a lot more technical these days
    happy weekend x x x x x x x
    ps stone roses...back together YaY :)


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