Monday, October 10, 2011

First Ever Photoshop Picture!

And here it is, scalloped edges and all....
I didn't do anything to the picture itself, just the edges. It was really 'scary', since I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing, but the tutorials on Pugly Pixel are obviously fairly easy to follow. I keep on looking for an 'undo' button though... <wink>

Check out my sister's blog, she is way ahead of me. (well, some anyway...)  {smile}


  1. I'm loving that pretty background. Maybe you can give me some lessons as I am Lucy Luddite and my advisor lives in the Woomba. What is that pattern from?

  2. ok....
    a) lucy luddite! love that and it will be entering my daily vocab
    b) your background takes a few seconds to load so I was waiting with baited breath...which probably means I need to get out more
    c) photoshop envy
    d) I was just singing along to Erasure (I love to hate you) and thought of you!

    Isn't blogging funny?!
    fee x

  3. Goed gedaan! En er is een " step backword" button hoor!


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