Saturday, October 22, 2011

Dover, Photoshop & IKEA: What A Combo...

The other day, during one of my lengthy perusals through blogland, I read something about signing up for free weekly samples from Dover, the artsy book publishing company. (they also have awesome coloring books!) Just click on the link, then click on 'free samples' and sign up...

So I did and yesterday I received several fun and interesting samples in my inbox. Above you see this fabulous vintage balloon drawing, but they also had all these old posters for example:
If you are at all familiar with Dover then you know the huge variety of materials they carry. Very cool indeed!

Also during my blogland perusals, these color palettes keep popping up and I wanted to see if I could recreate one in Photoshop and 'Yes indeedy!'
It took me a little while, but in the end I figured out that all I needed was one layer per color box. If you've worked with Photoshop at all you will know what I mean. (and if not, it is too complicated to explain, since I'm barely getting it myself...)

I am taking one step at a time with this Photoshop program, trying hard not to overwhelm myself with all the complicated manoeuvres. I must say there are a lot of things that you can do really easy in Picasa or in Photoscape so I will continue using those programs for the more regular stuff. But, for the more 'fun' projects like this color palette, I will continue to explore the wonders of Photoshop...

On to a completely different subject: some 'Jul'  items (= x-mas) have started to arrive at IKEA!!!
Just about all right up my alley. Not so certain about that Santa fabric though...

Well, I guess I'd better continue with that humongous sewing project which has now landed on my sewing table in all its glory. 84 table toppers it is!
I offered to cut and sew them all so that we don't have to constantly contact each other (we all live between 30 and 45 minutes apart) about who is doing what.
The end is not in sight yet, but hopefully it will soon because all my lovely fabrics that I ordered last week have arrived, have been laundered and ironed and are now waiting to be used!

PS Strange smells in the house today: I've got a Moroccan crock-pot going (very spicy!) and Mr. G. is brewing 'a double', in other words a Belgium Beer, in ridiculously large pots on the stove. Can't wait until that is ready!  <wink>
Oh, and I see he also has the mini crock-pot going with some kind of spicy bean & cheese mixture for dipping tortilla chips in. I think I'd better have a few before it is all gone...


  1. Thanks for the poster tip. I love that volcano. May print that off to put in the boys' loo. Your cooking made me hungry. Moroccan recipe please?

  2. Wat ingewikkeld klinkt het kleurenverhaal, ik kan nog niet eens een collage van foto's maken voor in mijn logjes :( Maar zo te lezen vermaak jij je er prima mee! Leuk dat de kerstartikelen weer bij Ikea zijn, ik kom er langs naar de Handwerkbeurs in Rotterdam, dan zal ik meteen een kijkje nemen! Succes met alles, lapjes, dips en bier! Smul ze!

  3. Great!
    IKEA is Christmas already! Lots of nice things this year.
    Aggie kram

  4. Ikea so jealous......and the strange smells made me laugh....Happy Sunday Momma!


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