Thursday, October 6, 2011

Back To The 80's...

I've got my yearly allowance (= 1 bag) of Candy Corn on the desk,

My favorite Doc Martens on my feet,

Check out the 'lens flare' I added to my shoe!  {smile}
My own Little Lucky Bunny (found this morning at Value Village) on my lap,

And I'm ready for an afternoon You Tube session 'Back to the 80's'. Please join me for some loud singing and maybe even some dancing..
Tim Hardin with How Can We Hang On To A Dream  (so so sad, but so so beautiful at the same time!)
The Style Council with Speak Like A Child
The Smiths with How Soon Is Now? (especially for Jane)
UB40 with Food For Thought

That should do it for now. Hope you recognized some. (or all!)


  1. The 80's really rocked.....ohhoooo! Yeah! Kram

  2. Die ken ik en die ken ik. O, ja, die ken ik ook! Neuriënd verlaat ik je blog ;-).

    P.S. Gave schoenen!


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